Tournament Collection Tee


Tournament Collection Tee

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 For more than a decade we’ve created our own “Special Edition” logos for each of the year’s four Major Championships. Each one is loaded with a variety of symbols and references to the specific tournament and the courses on which they’re played. We put the logo on the hats, staff bags and headcovers of the TaylorMade Tour Staff pros who compete in that particular event. Now we’re making those items available to you, along with a T shirt in your choice of red or gray.  


Here’s the story behind this year’s Special Edition U.S. Open logo:


1.) The 1971 U.S. Open, contested at Merion’s East Course, was decided by a two-man playoff. The

rattlesnake refers to the rubber snake that the eventual champion kept in his bag to entertain galleries. He tossed the snake at his opponent’s feet prior to teeing off not, as is widely believed, to unnerve him, but because his opponent asked to see it. The rattlesnake also evokes the universal symbol for medicine, a snake wound around a staff (Asciepus, the Greek god of medicine and healing, carried such a staff and snake), which is a reference to Merion’s 1934 and 1950 U.S. Open champions, both of whom overcame serious health issues to win.


2.) The snake’s rattle is shaped and colored like the red wicker baskets that top the pins at Merion’s East Course, site of this year’s U.S. Open. The course architect got the idea from English sheepherders, who put round wicker baskets atop their staffs to protect their lunch from wildlife.


3.) The Liberty Bell, an icon of American independence and a symbol of the city of Philadelphia, is located just 10 miles from Merion.


4.) The letters MMXIII (at the top of the bell) are the Roman numerals for 2013.



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